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Please read the pricing and service terms below, then click the link at the bottom of this page to schedule your appointment.

****** PRICING ********

Make a statement with a “wow” photo that will make you then envy of all your friends. No photo leaves my studio without extensive retouching in editing software, since my best advertisement is your completed product.

My pricing schedule is simple.

I have a simple base rate of L$2,500 per picture (regardless of the number of people in the pose).

If you have a commercial project in mind, like advertisements, vendor images, posters, logos etc, please contact me to discuss the particular details of your requirements.

———– Not accepting new clients at this time ———-

*** PLEASE NOTE: Your 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid before your appointment will be scheduled.


1. Time and Schedule of Payment:

A deposit of 50% of your final cost is required to schedule an appointment. This deposit is non-refundable as it covers the time I spend taking your pics if you cancel your order before I finish editing them. When I finish editing your pics, I will notify you that they are ready. The remaining balance you owe is due at this time (BEFORE the pics are sent to you).

2. Project Acceptance, Timetable and Rush Projects:

For the purposes of this agreement, a “rush project” is defined as any photos that you need completed in less than one week, or in less than the time the project would usually take to complete (for larger projects).

At the conclusion of your photo shoot in the studio, I will tell you what day your photos will be complete and ready to deliver to you (usually 2 weeks from the date of your appointment). If you need your photos faster than the date I tell you, I will do my best to accommodate your needs. However, an additional 50% rush charge will be added to your order and will be due at the time your photos are ready (see item #1 above).

I reserve the right to refuse any client, at any time, for any reason I deem necessary.

3. Copyright:

All photos done by me will bear the “Ivoni Miles Photography” signature logo on them in one corner of the image, and all images are copyright © Ivoni Miles. This is to protect both you and me, ensuring that no one can take the work I do for you and falsely claim it as their own.

4. Your Responsibilities (as my client):

You (the client) are responsible for choosing the outfit you want to wear in your photo. If you need suggestions, please feel free to ask me. However, please note that ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure the outfit you choose matches the theme / style of the photo you request (for example, don’t wear a bikini for the photo and request a winter themed photo). If you are unhappy with the way the outfit coordinates with the background style, I will need to re-edit your photo from scratch and there will be an additional fee for this – so choose your outfit carefully, and make sure you tell me about any style / background preferences you have before I edit your picture(s).

If there is a specific date you need your finished photo by (to submit to a photo contest for example), make sure that when you schedule your appointment, you inform me of the date you need the photo done. Otherwise, a rush charge will be applied to your order (see item #2 above).

You are responsible to remember the date of your appointment, and show up ON TIME, ready to go, wearing the outfit, hair, and all accessories you want in the photo. If you are late, or come to the appointment unprepared, I will be forced to reschedule your appointment for another day to avoid delaying the appointments of other clients who are scheduled after you.

5. Acceptance of Terms:

By scheduling an appointment, you are confirming that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms above.

———– Not accepting new clients at this time ———-

*** PLEASE NOTE: Your 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid before your appointment will be scheduled.

I look forward to creating a beautiful work of art for you!

Ivoni Miles,
Certified Master Photographer
Ivoni Miles Photography


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